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the day i discovered vegan french toast

I’ve never had french toast before, mainly because it conventionally involves eggs, butter, bread and a lot of sugar, and being allergic to dairy, intolerant to eggs and highly affected by refined sugar, this sort of breakfast never really appealed to me.

UNTIL THE MAGICAL DAY WHEN I discovered that you could in fact, make french toast without any of these things, vegan-friendly and using natural sugars from rice syrup, raisins or fruit, with a pinch of cinnamon to help to stabilise the blood sugar.

OH MY GOSH, so I discovered this wonderful recipe from a lovely lady on Instagram (@hollytreekitchen) using only natural ingredients and focuses on healthy, unrefined substitutes, literally love her ideas so much. So anyway, I had to have a go, and I have to say, I am SLIIIGHTTTLYYY addicted already. I mean, I absolutely adore bread and this dish has a very similar feel to nice big thick fluffy American-style pancakes to it, which is also one of my favourite breakfasts. So, all in all, win win!

I just had to share. So good. This is my basic recipe inspired by Holly’s dish:

2 slices organic wholemeal spelt bread (or bread of your choice)
1 tbsp tahini
1 tsp honey / agave / rice syrup
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 cup soya milk (or any plant milk)
1 heaped tbsp raisins
pinch salt

1). Toast the slices of bread a little until they begin to crispen up (only slightly though, you still want them to be able to absorb some of the ‘eggy’ bread mixture).
2). Mix all of the ingredients together (except the bread), with a whisk until nicely combined, and then simply pour the mixture on top of the bread and let it soak in for a few seconds to absorb the flavour.
3). Heat a frying pan with a little oil on a medium heat, and when the oil warms up, pop the soaked bread into the pan and fry for a few minutes on one side until it gets crispy, and then flip it over and fry on the other side for another 1-2 minutes.
4). Top with your favourite toppings – blueberries, yoghurt, cinnamon, chopped banana, raisins, raspberries – anything!

Honestly this is my new naughty feel good breakfast. SO tasty.

Love Mell x


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