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art for therapy – beach combed jam jars

Had a truly wonderful time the other morning, there is a lovely little creative hub open for creative art workshops that I have just been introduced to, the sun was pouring in the window, the fresh spring breeze drifting through the open door, passers by swinging a quick hello as they wandered upon their errands.

And the best bit, lovely, calming, honest and open conversation in a setting of a safe, creative environment, perfect for people struggling with any form of social anxiety or isolation and needing to get back out there in a gentle way.


Creating art does not have to be about perfectionism, or creating genius every time – it simply has to just allow yourself to be, to relax into yourself, and to let your true nature of expression flow through the process. As an artist, this is definitely something that I find myself struggling with on a daily basis; wanting to constantly create beautiful things and not allowing myself the grace to make mistakes or to just create for creating’s sake.

This can often be where the magic happens though! Allowing yourself to relax into the process of just watching your hands take the helm and making their mark through whichever creative medium you choose. For me, playing with putty and shells created the most wonderfully tangible experience, bringing me right back to childhood of making sculptures out of playdough and watching these new formations come to life in my hands. It allows your mind to rest in itself, come to a place of quiet peace and contemplation as your fingers bring new life from materials, bringing it forth into something tangible, and beautiful.

Art itself comes in many forms, and the process of creating is as unique as every individual on this earth, so the creative process will of course mean different things to different people. This is where the beauty lies.

Mell x


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