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writing as a means of connection and coping with chronic illness

Writing has this truly wonderful way of allowing your inner most feelings to be revealed and expressed through language that sometimes we might not otherwise know how to put into spoken words. Sometimes, feelings can be too painful and overwhelming to attempt to speak out into the air, and writing them down, allowing the emotion to flow through your fingertips can be an incredibly healing way of giving our innermost fears, anxieties, triggers and feelings to come to the surface, to enable them to resonate with us in a very raw, real way and begin to feel them into healing.

I know in myself, I used to really struggle with feeling emotions, as an extremely sensitive person, feelings come on very intense and this can feel incredibly overwhelming, and I would often shy away from talking about anything at all for fear of exploding into chaos and exhausting emotional meltdown from all the pressure I felt inside.

Writing has been a considerably healing tool for this, as has years of therapy, to help to gently but surely coax all of this suppressed pain and emotion out of my head, and to finally allow the intensity and tension to unwind from my body. It has been an extremely painful process, and one that I am still processing mentally, but writing has been an incredible tool in helping with this.

Blogging is another thing that has begun to help, too. When you struggle with mental health issues, or chronic health conditions that limit your life activities, especially getting out and about and having the strength to keep going like everyone else seems to, this can quickly become overwhelming and too much to cope with, leaving us overstimulated, exhausted, anxiety-ridden and often house-bound, isolated, depressed and lonely.

Writing, for me, has helped me find a channel to reach others, to feel as though I am connected even though most days I am unable to leave the house for any length of time, if at all – there are some times when I am really bad I will be unable to leave the house for fear, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion, and connecting via online channels, blogging, social media and writing platforms can bring so much relief, hope and empowerment that we are not facing this completely alone.

All it takes is a pen, a piece of paper, and some along time to get your thoughts out on paper and give those deep emotions some much needed space to breathe and be listened to. And if you’re feeling brave enough, open up a blog page and starting writing about your journey. Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story is beautiful, unique and important. There is so much stigma around mental health, so the more we can get our stories out there, the more people will be open to understanding, and raising awareness of these issues we face on a daily basis.

Have a beautiful day!

Mell xx


2 thoughts on “writing as a means of connection and coping with chronic illness

    1. Hi Richard, great to hear from you. Sorry to hear that your condition stops you from leaving the house so much, it can get so isolating can’t it 😦 Feeling your pain. Feel free to get in touch anytime for solidarity! Mell x


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