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celebrating feeling like a champion on the good days

Let’s face it, life with mental and physical illness can be, on a good day, ridiculously unpredictable, with symptom flares seemingly appearing out of nowhere, lasting for minutes, hours, days or sometimes weeks at a time, with no prior warning and leaving you exhaustion, zombified with insomnia and desperate for some sense of relief from the aching, mind-numbing muscle pain, not to mention the overwhelming sense of panic and deep-seated anxiety over simple things such as leaving the house.

These are the bad days.

But, like all things in life, these too can be cyclical, they have a time, and they will eventually pass. And then you might have the odd day where you wake up to the glorious sun shine pouring in through your window, the sound of the sea waves rolling into the shore in the distance, and heck, even the seagulls piercing the blissful silence feels almost welcoming. And for once, you feel almost calm. You feel centred, you feel a little dreamy, and suddenly, for just a moment, you feel as though almost life is a bit better, life can carry on, that perhaps today will be okay.

These moments? Seize them, grab them between your fingertips and never let them go. Write them down, draw them, breathe them in, meditate on them and let them blend into your body like the sweet succulent beauty that they bring, and relax into feeling this way. The truth is, we sometimes have long periods of time when moments like this are fast, fleeting, glorious glimpses of a world seemingly almost liberated from the things that constantly weigh us down, hold us back.

It is these moments that are incredibly, undeniably precious, and give us a glimpse of strength, give us the hope that one day, things will be well again, we will be well again.

Hold on to them, because on the darker days, and they will come again, these fleeting moments of utter preciousness may be all you have to hold on to, and that is gold.

But for the time being, CELEBRATE these golden moments, allow the energy to fill your bones with excitement, beauty and all those wonderful things. It is days like this that you feel like a champion, for all the invisible battles you fight on a constant basis, day after day, with no respite, you are a mighty champion indeed.

Keep fighting warriors!


Mell xx




via Daily Prompt: Champion


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